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Welcome to Minlea, your supplier of high-quality photovoltaic components.

Our goal is to help you in becoming more sustainable and energy efficient by providing top-notch photovoltaic components that are tailored to your unique needs.

We offer a wide range of photovoltaic components, including:




Energy Storage

All our products are sourced from internationally renowned manufacturers to ensure the highest standards of quality and reliability.

By choosing Minlea you will get global products with the highest technical standards as well as professional support from our local expert team in Vienna, Austria.

Our Partners

Our portfolio

Plug & Play PV System

Easy to install, small-scale PV systems have grown massively in popularity. Environmental benefits of solar energy and rising energy costs lead to a rising demand in renewable energy. Plug & play PV become a first step into the transition to solar energy without having to commit to a large investment.

Residential PV & ESS System

Leading the renewable energy transformation in residential homes, solar systems are becoming more and more popular worldwide. Minimizing environmental impact, saving energy and costs are driving factors that are becoming more important by the second.

C&I PV & ESS Solution

Commercial and industrial PV system solutions are an essential component of sustainable energy infrastructure for businesses, municipalities, and other organizations. Lower carbon emissions are a goal that society tries to accomplish, and C&I PV System play an important role in helping businesses to reduce carbon emissions and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Utility PV Solution

Large-scale solar plants play an important role in making a step towards a more sustainable future. Additionally to providing a source of clean and renewable energy for utility companies and their customers, they also improve grid stability and reliability by providing a more diverse source of energy.

Innovative & High-Quality Products

As the core element of our business, we carefully select only the best photovoltaic components the market has to offer. Reliable, durable and technically innovative products are necessary in order to effectively drive sustainability and reduce overall energy costs.

Leading International

All our partners are experts in their field and well known in the solar energy industry. Our close cooperation with our partners and clients leads to successful teamwork to the benefit of all.

High Delivery

When choosing our partners and products we always make sure that supply availability is guaranteed and can be successfully implemented. Relying on a seamless supply chain we can ensure product availability as well as timely and safe delivery to our clients.

Local Technical &
Warranty Support

A competent and service-oriented team with proper expertise is an absolute necessity when it comes to technically sophisticated and innovative global products. Close proximity to all our partners allows straightforward communication and quick processing of inquiries.

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