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Minlea aims to contribute towards a more sustainable future by supplying high-quality photovoltaic components in a reliable and professional manner. We offer carefully selected products including solar panels, inverters, storage solutions and mounting systems from leading international manufacturers.

Our Contribution to an Emission-Free Energy Future

Minlea is a successfully growing company headquartered in Vienna with extensive experience in trading and supply chain management specializing in photovoltaic components. We support large international companies in distributing a broad range of products like panels, inverters, storage solutions and mounting systems. Our carefully selected choice of products reflects our attention to detail while always working to balance price and quality. Our goal is to help our customers in a simple way by providing efficient renewable energy solutions, contributing to a more sustainable future.

Successful Teamwork Makes Reliability a Reality

We pride ourselves on our experienced team with a high focus on top service and quality. Every member of Minlea believes in our core brand values of reliability, flexibility and sustainability. We are always on the lookout for the best innovative solutions in the solar industry to further develop technical know-how and high-end expertise. By leveraging our advanced knowledge in PV technology, along with our extensive global sales and marketing network, Minlea can provide high-quality, reliable, and innovative products to our clients. Thanks to our professional international distribution team, we can provide fast order processing as well as timely and reliable delivery.

Global Products with Local Support

We know that aside from cost-efficient and timely delivery, reliable support is an absolute necessity. Even the best products and brands need an expert team to be readily available and respond to any technical or service-related inquiries. That’s why our local team not only offers professional consultation concerning our products, but also technical support as well as assistance in the case of warranty claims. In doing so we are aiming to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction while at the same time maintaining proximity to all our partners.

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