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Residential PV Systems & ESS

Leading the renewable energy transformation in residential homes, solar systems are becoming more and more popular worldwide. Minimizing environmental impact, saving energy and costs are driving factors that are becoming more important by the second. Customers are now looking for solutions that let them take full advantage of the benefits of solar energy in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

Minlea provides holistic solutions that include everything from solar panels and inverters to mounting gear and solar batteries. In every PV component we empathize product quality, durability, and efficiency in order to be able to offer top-notch and cost-effective products to our clients.

An essential part of every PV system are the panels, which can range in efficiency, quality, and aesthetics. Our partner TW Solar combines all those aspects into their innovative modules. TW Solar is not only the company with the world’s largest crystalline silicon and solar cell production capacity, but also engaged in the sustainable development of their own solar panels. The modules are characterized by their innovative and highly efficient shingled technology, which promises more power even under partial shading. At the same time, the lead content of the modules has already been reduced by 60% to decrease the environmental impact of production and simplify the recycling process. Another advantage is the uniform black appearance of the panels, which makes them very attractive overall and contributes greatly to their general aesthetics. TW Solar shingled panels passed to 8,100 Pa (Pascal) maximum load test with no micro cracks induced.

In order to install those panels, a secure and durable mounting system is needed – Clenergy meets all those requirements. Thanks to their expertise in installing photovoltaic systems all over the world, Clenergy is now able to offer mounting systems that are designed to work with a range of solar panels and roof types. Due to the high quality of all components, they are extremely durable, resistant to corrosion and therefore secure as well.

Another critical component of a solar PV system are inverters. Here at Minlea we supply inverters from the high-tech company Deye. As Deye has always been committed to research and develop new cutting-edge technologies, they developed a wide product range including single-phase and three-phase inverters for residential and commercial applications.

Concerning energy storage systems, we provide two kinds of customizable solar batteries by Sunwoda Energy for residential use. Sunwoda Energy is one of the Top 10 global battery  manufacturers and is currently focused on providing lithium-ion batteries at any scale. For residential use Sunwoda developed two series of solar batteries: SunESS and Atrix. Both models are suitable for efficiently storing energy, modular and very easy to install.

SunESS comes in two versions (SunESS – H & SunESS L), differing in their charge/discharge cutoff voltage of 350V-450V or 46.4V-55.2V respectively. The innovative design not only convinces through its clean and sleek aesthetics, but also their easy installation. Additionally, the SunESS can be installed indoors as well as outdoors without limitation and attenuation. Its stackable module design can be easily expanded in 5kWh increments and is scalable from 5 up to 60kWh (while the Atrix is expandable up to 40kWh).

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