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Utility PV Solutions

Large-scale solar plants play an important role in making a step towards a more sustainable future. Additionally to providing a source of clean and renewable energy for utility companies and their customers, they also improve grid stability and reliability by providing a more diverse source of energy. Although utility PV solutions use the same basic technology as smaller-scale residential and commercial solar systems, there are unique challenges that arise when installing large-scale solar plants.

The solar panels are produced by TW Solar, the world’s largest crystalline silicon producer. TW Solar’s modules are characterized by their innovative and highly efficient shingled technology, which promises more power even under partial shading. At the same time, the lead content of the modules has already been reduced by 60% to decrease the environmental impact of production and simplify the recycling process. TW Solar shingled panels passed to 8,100 Pa (Pascal) maximum load test with no micro cracks induced. Another advantage is the uniform black appearance of the panels, which makes them very attractive overall and contributes greatly to their general aesthetics.

Large-scale clean energy investments require a strong foundation for success. Together with Clenergy we offer a secure choice for your long-term investment. Thanks to their expertise in installing photovoltaic systems all over the world, Clenergy can offer mounting systems that are designed to meet various utility PV solution needs.

Another critical component of a solar PV system are inverters. Here at Minlea we supply inverters from the high-tech company Deye. As Deye has always been committed to research and develop new cutting-edge technologies, they provide tailormade inverters for utility PV solutions as well.

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