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Plug & Play PV Systems

Easy to install, small-scale PV systems have grown massively in popularity. Environmental benefits of solar energy and rising energy costs lead to a rising demand in renewable energy. Plug & play PV become a first step into the transition to solar energy without having to commit to a large investment.

One of the key benefits of plug & play PV systems is their simplicity as they don’t need any expert knowledge and can be installed by anyone. Also, small-scale PV systems are modular and can be expanded if needed. Our plug & play PV system sets are designed for installation on balconies and consist of two solar panels, a micro inverter, a mounting kit, and an installation guide.

The solar panels are produced by TW Solar, the world’s largest crystalline silicon producer. TW Solar’s modules are characterized by their innovative and highly efficient shingled technology, which promises more power even under partial shading. At the same time, the lead content of the modules has already been reduced by 60% to decrease the environmental impact of production and simplify the recycling process. TW Solar shingled panels passed to 8,100 Pa (Pascal) maximum load test with no micro cracks induced. Another advantage is the uniform black appearance of the panels, which makes them very attractive overall and contributes greatly to their general aesthetics.

There are two options of micro inverters as regulations concerning plug & play PV systems vary between regions. Therefore, we offer 800Wp and 600Wp NEP micro inverters depending on local state restrictions. Further, the balcony mounting system is provided by Clenergy and allows for a fast, easy, and cost-efficient installation.

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